Another washout!

The Eddington Society tonight attempted to stage another public demonstration of astronomy. Following the previous Venus watch in spirit but hopefully not in form, the Saturn Watch was to show off the closing up form of the ringed planet with maybe a look at craters on the Moon and even maybe the Comet Lulin beneath the Beehive Cluster. Following two glorious evenings of observations, the omens seemed in our favour. But sadly they were not. As I look out the window, all I see is the yellow hue of reflected streetlight off the 100% cloud cover. Admittedly, not all the clouds are up there, quite a bit is drizzling down to ground level to join and mock…

We will rise once more to shake our fists at the sullen gods of weather. But perhaps we’ll advertise a bit later to stop those same gods from co-ordinating their diaries and launching another attack.


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