It has begun…

100 Hours of Astronomy has begun, well here at least. The International Year of Astronomy project starts at midnight local time so some places far in the west still wait for the day to arrive, but here we have a start. The day was horribly cloudy up until the evenning, when it begrudgingly gave way to clear skies and the first sight of the Moon for a while. A little off first quarter, the Moon looked splendid through the celestron 130 SLT 25mm and 9mm lenses. I used my SLR camera for a few shots that will require later developing and also attempting some with my digital camera, but they were blurry and overexposed.

Later on, I returned to find the skies still clear and I pointed the scope to Leo. Saturn provided the usual lovely view, with Titan to the West and the ever smaller rings in view. I crept along the sickle of stars at the front of Leo to look at the various double stars and colours before ending on a star cluster.

More tomorrow, I hope, even more on Friday, when the Eddington Society will be doing a MoonWatch at 7:30pm at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal!


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