The Great Kendal Solar System Scale Model

As part of the International Year of Astronomy, 2009, Stuart Atkinson and the Eddington Society are planning to create a scale model of the solar system on Kendal Castle. Called the Great Kendal Solar System Scale Model, volunteers from the Eddington Society will be positioned around Kendal Castle. Each person will be representing a planet and will have a fact sheet about that planet handy on their person. The distances between people will be representative of the relative distances of the planets from the Sun – so Jupiter’s about five times as far from the Sun as the Earth, so the person representing Jupiter will be roughly five times further from the thing representing the Sun as the person representing Earth will be.

The aim will be to have an afternoon in the year when the general public can move from person to person learning about each planet as they go. The inner planets fit neatly into the crumbling castle walls and the outer planets then run down to the north gate (if you include Pluto that is…). The scales of each of the planets has also been worked out.

Follow the project’s progress here.


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