Atlantis to rise in less than five hours time

The space shuttle Atlantis will be launching at around 7:00pm GMT. Those at tonight’s meeting of the Eddington Society at 7:00pm in Kendal Museum may be able to see the launch via Nasa TV and Stuart Atkinson’s laptop if all goes well.

STS-125, also known as the Hubble Servicing Mission 4, will be launched from the Kennedy Space Center and will repair and renew the Hubble Space Telescope, adding new components, replacing some old ones, repairing others. This is the last planned servicing mission to the HST, which has worked hard over nearly two decades to provide astronomers with views inconceivable from the ground. The other components in the Grand Observatories mission are still working well – the Chandra X-ray space telescope and the James Webb Infrared Space Telescope, though the latter one has run out of coolant and will be switching to extended mission mode.

The Launch Blog, detailing the events of the day as they happen will be here.

You can also follow Nasa’s tweets here.


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