Has all of particle physics been solved?

Another question to which the answer is certainly no.

Continuing in the crank email series, today a particularly deluded individual moved to believe her work to such an extent she has effectively asked everyone to shut down particle physics and bow to her, using an appropriated email address.

To: World physicists

From: American Physical Society


Sent by Philip Maurone, Villanova University; Bryan Penprase, Pomona College; Alan Dorsey, University of Florida; Matthew Moelter, California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo; Adella Ahmidouch, North Carolina A&T State University; Harry Tom, University of California, Riverside, Bob Cahn, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Nick Hadley, University of Maryland; Sarah Eno, University of Maryland; Chip Brock, Michigan State University, in agreement with last year’s Nobel Laureate men: Yoichiro Nambu, Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa.

Not necessaries more experiments, theories and models about the particle and atomic world, because now exists the very simple and real physics of these!

This is an exceptional and private notice from ten members of APS to all physicists in the world. Six months ago we heard about the paper of Prof. Gabor Fekete, who is a hungarian physicist. We were thoughtfully that the theories and models of the particle and atomic physics every were till now incorrects. The professor reinterprets the total known experimental results and uses solely the mathematical apparatus of dynamics and electrodynamics. With these he got back with eight numeral exactitude the values about every till now known experimental results. We state positively that her paper is the giant revolution of the physics science. We wish with
this mail to suggest Prof. Gabor Fekete for Nobel Prize.

Because we know very well that this news not will be welcomed by everybody (we for this reason selected this way to your notice), therefore if you also think to nominate for Nobel Prize the author of the paper, then you are requested to exert pressure on The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, so that you do send an email to Prof. Ingmar Bergström and/or Prof. Per Carlson

Please, forward this email with the original subject to your journalist and other acquaintances too! Thanks.


We sent our notice to 70775 members of 6095 research labs, institutes, faculties and departments of physics, astronomy, mathematics and chemistry in 103 countries and merely in the United States 1015 universities and colleges.

The Claim

The old perennial – scientists have been working on a super complex theory of particle physics including Relativity, when in fact everything is explained simply by classical physics, which the layman can understand. Gabor insists she has published a paper expounding her views and showing how all experimentally derived values can be found through classical mechanics only. This paper is visible at her website

The Refute

…and only at her website since not being a proper scientific paper it hasn’t gone through peer review and publishing in a journal. Gabore makes a common mistake in thinking that physics is just a collection of mathematical equations and a couple of experimental values in need of explanation. In fact, physics is a philosophy of the action of natural forces and theories must make a sound argument for the nature of these forces, backed up by evidence and producing predictions on future occurrences. Gabore merely does a few derivations of dubious mathematical quality using physics in the classical mold (where it suits her). Things outside of the classical mode – massless photons, time dilation leading to the survival of high energy cosmic rays down to lower than otherwise expected altitudes and the bending of light by gravitational effects – are all left unsaid. Predictions of things to look for are absent, indeed the call is that no further looking is required at all – the mistake of putting mathematical elegance ahead of philosophic self consistency, which is often made inside and outside of science. Additionally, the university quoted for Gabor does indeed have a professor of that name – a biologist in their dotage.

Also, the American Physical Society has spellcheckers, native English speakers and an awareness that spamming inboxes with an unpublished paper is not the best way to promote a Nobel Prize candidate…


10 responses to “Has all of particle physics been solved?

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  2. Igor Szaniszlav

    lol, idiot

  3. Dorottya Szecsi

    Everyone should be aware of the fact that Gabor Fekete is actually a _man_ and he apparently does not even know how to refer to himself in English.

  4. “Fekete” is probably a fake name. Nevertheless, he really has got stamina. He recently promised that if his theories don’t get proper respect till 10th of July, 2012, he will sue the Hungarian scientists for wasting million dollars of research funds while doing and teaching needless experiments.

    • That’s my birthday. At least someone thought of an interesting present. On a more serious note, this is an increasingly common tactic, bringing in the law when the scientific argument is not persuasive enough. Tends to end with either the legal argument also not passing muster or an almighty row in the papers. Interesting to watch.

  5. this spammer Gabor Fekete is just an extreme idiot who deserves to be cured by psychiatrist

  6. Found this thread having been spammed by this guy today, pointing me to a rather bizarre website about “the nature of the world of the atoms”. Looks like he ain’t giving up any time soon.

  7. Received this email today. Based on the grammar and content of this alleged correspondence between Bruno Bellomo and Stephen Parke I’m pretty confident this is a complete forgery. Almost entertaining until you click the link and attempt to make any sense of Gabor’s rant.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Stephen Parke [parke@fnal.gov]
    Sent: 22 October 2013 17:21
    To: Bruno Bellomo [bruno.bellomo@fisica.unipa.it]
    Subject: Fwd: Is a big problem with the whole Modern Physics

    Dear Prof. Bruno Bellomo,

    I received the link below from a colleague and now forward to you. Please forward it to other physicist colleagues! I also do it.
    Nothing is true from the theories of the modern physics!


    Best regards,
    Prof. Stephen Parke

  8. I just got an email from him today about how the discovery of the Higgs boson was really just the detection of a xenon atom and mass-energy equivalence can’t exist because “From kilogramm will never be Joule and vica versa”.

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