He cannot be Sirius?

Another crank email for your reading pleasure. This time a guy who has been using a planetarium software to try and pinpoint whether or not the Sun is in orbit of certain other stars. Seems plausible to the layman in some ways, but the motive behind picking the particular star does rather colour the case. As ever, I will show the emails, explain the claim then do the refute.

To: Physics and Astronomy at UCL

From: David Tagg

“Believe nothing which is unreasonable, and reject nothing as unreasonable without proper examination.”-Gautama Buddha.
From “Keely and His Discoveries” by Mrs. Bloomfield Moore, 1893, page 186

The following has been sent to a large number of Astronomers and Astrophysicists. Minor changes have been made to bring it up-to-date. I realize you’re involved in another discipline of Physics but you may find what immediately follows to be interesting. What will be found latter, the Keely information, has a direct bearing on the work you are doing. Also, there is further information at http://www.AlliancesForHumanity.com, the “Particle Physics” link.
I had contacted a few of your colleagues back in December, and during the last few weeks, about the Sirius/Alcyone connection. I made an effort to stimulate investigation into the possibility/probability that our sun has a close relationship with Sirius and Sirius with Alcyone. The former I would think should be easily confirmed with the data, technology and brain power which is available today. The Alcyone relationship would be more difficult. Verifying Sirius will give weight to Alcyone.

“The second law is the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Fundamentally the law describes the compelling force of attraction that holds our solar system to the Sirian; that holds our planets revolving around our central unit, the sun; that holds the lesser systems of atomic and molecular matter circulating around a center in the planet;”
From “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire” by Alice A. Bailey, 1925
Twelfth printing, 1982 (3rd Paperback Edition), page 568

The reception I received in December consisted of indifference and rejection though polite. So much for the spirit of exploration and the search for TRUTH! As is usually the case significantly new concepts meet with resistance though this is simply an extension of what is already known. As I had previously mentioned, the moon orbits the Earth, the Earth the Sun. Two more steps need to be taken. There are other solar systems connected with Sirius. A larger community/neighborhood we are a part of. Sirius is not the only multiple stellar system connected with Alcyone. THIS NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED! Not pushed aside, ignored.

There is a link at http://www.AlliancesForHumanity.com called “Astronomy” which contains further information.

Since establishing this website last December I attempted to correspond with 4587 addresses. 4224 were reachable. 57 requested that their names be removed. 2 inquiries were made. No other correspondence was received. The list at “Recipients” is up-to-date.

The text of the email went through a number of revisions since December. The final version is shown below.

The website has been visited 314 times through April. I account for approximately 15%. That leaves 267. There has been interest in the Keely book, the book by Hughes and in the image of the Anu. Less interest in the images under “Geology” and in the book by Pleasonton but interest none the less. “Recipients” has received the most attention.

Please, forward this on to whomever you believe may be of help or have interest. If you do not wish to be part of “Recipients” follow the procedure mentioned at the end of the email.

———————-Final Revision———————-
“…. both animal and vegetable life are differently modified electromagnetic phenomena, as yet unknown in their fundamental principles?”
From “Isis Unveiled” by Helena P. Blavatsky, 1877
(Facsimile, Science), 1972, page 137

I’ve added a link called “Recipients” to http://www.AlliancesForHumanity.com which contains a list of institutions and individuals which have been sent an email relative to what follows as well as other subjects. Knowing that prominent entities have been contacted may help to stimulate interest and international cooperation. Many will be aware of these issues. This link will be updated often.

Please give some thought to the following:

Millions in Africa are suffering with AIDS. It is quickly extending its reach into Asia and Russia. The potential for a Bird Flu pandemic is causing concern to many. Antibiotics are becoming ineffective. Old foes of humanity are making a comeback. Tuberculosis for example. Please examine the attached file RifeXR.pdf (X for eXcerpts and R for Restricted). It contains excerpts from the book “The Cancer Cure That Worked! Fifty Years Of Suppression” by Barry Lynes. The book presents the work done by Royal Rife from the 1920’s into the 1950’s. Rife developed a remarkable microscope, superior to the electron microscope, as well as a technology which can destroy ANY infectious or cancerous agent.

To what degree does humanity play a part in your thoughts and hearts. Do you keep informed on global events? Are you aware of the state of conditions upon our planet? We have multinational oil companies making $10 Billion in profits over a three month period. Considering what we’ve been paying at the pumps, and for other reasons, THIS IS MORALLY CRIMINAL. I’m sure you’ve seen the squalor that a large percentage of OUR people, OUR children, live within.

The following applies today as well:

“A wave of unrest seems to be passing over the world.  Uneasiness prevails on every side.  We walk gingerly as though on the edge of a precipice.  Discontent is spreading everywhere. . . . . . . . What is the meaning of the general restlessness?  What are its causes?  Is the world growing old and effete?  Is the human race worn out?  Is this generation incapable of the great achievements of the past?  Does its materialism clog its powers and prevent its progress?  Is the world going wrong for want of an ideal?  A people which does not believe in its lofty mission will never accomplish it. Science has made gigantic strides in our days; but have its discoveries added much to the sum of human happiness?  It has contributed to our material comfort in various ways, but it has not done much for the federation of the world.  The great growth of luxury is not a good, but an evil, if it rob us of our belief in our great destiny and if it weaken our endeavour.  If ‘the time is out of joint,’ is it not possible that worship of wealth is responsible for it?  ‘He who makes haste to be rich shall not be innocent.’  Ours is emphatically the age in which men ‘make haste to be rich,’ without much regard to the means. -Galignani’s Messenger”
From “Keely and His Discoveries” by Mrs. Bloomfield Moore, 1893, page 332

John Keely wished to harness the energies locked within matter. His perception of matter was fundamentally different to that which conventional physics holds. How much funding has this field of research received since the 1940’s. Since the WAR. A rather large amount I believe we would all agree. What do we have, of significance, to show for it. The world desperately requires an inexpensive, and clean, source of energy. Keelys approach would provide this. Excerpts from “Keely and His Discoveries” may be found in the attached file KeelyXR.pdf. The entire book may be downloaded at no charge (no forms to fill out, no registration required, nothing) from the website http://www.AlliancesForHumanity.com.

We have the intellectual and technological might to make rapid progress relative to both Keely and Rife. Where do your allegiances lie? Does humanity come first or other, more personal, interests. In your mind look down upon the planet and see the state of things. We CAN have a significant impact. We have the responsibility to at least make the attempt. My confidence in Keely and Rife is complete. Research would reap wonderful rewards and the technologies developed would be of tremendous help to OUR PEOPLE.

I may, on occasion, send further information your way if it’s important enough. Remarkable research has been done which would give to humanity unlimited clean and inexpensive energy as well as the means to eliminate a great deal of pain and suffering. We have the resources to change the world Ladies and Gentlemen! We have the direction in which to go. Do we have the WILL!

Should you wish not to be a part of this simply send a blank email with “remove name” in the subject line.

That was email one. True to his word, a second email was soon in the offing.

To: Physicists

From: David Tagg

The Anu

The Anu

I will use the word Anu in place of the “Atom” used above. Also, the ethers referred to represent particles of an entirely different order. They exist independent of and thoroughly penetrate the physical. There are 7 dimensions. The physical being the densest of the 7. These ethers should be ignored for now. I will use the word more properly below.

The Anu is the smallest particle of matter. There are 7 states of matter. Solid, liquid, gas and the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st ether. These ethers represent what you would call atomic/sub-atomic levels. This Anu represents the 1st ether. From it, and its counterpart, all things physical are made.

There is only one means whereby matter may be harnessed efficiently and that is via the use of Sympathetic Vibrations. John Worrell Keely made tremendous strides into this science. See “Keely and His Discoveries” at http://www.alliancesforhumanity.com/books/books.htm

More information may be found at:

Along other lines. The literature states that:

“The second law is the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Fundamentally the law describes the compelling force of attraction that holds our solar system to the Sirian; that holds our planets revolving around our central unit, the sun; that holds the lesser systems of atomic and molecular matter circulating around a center in the planet;”
“A Treatise on Cosmic Fire” by Alice A. Bailey, 1925
Twelfth printing, 1982 (3rd Paperback Edition), page 568

I’ve made an attempt to prove, or disprove, this Sirian connection.

There is a program called Celestia (http://www.shatters.net/celestia) which enables you to move about among the stars. A very nice program. Initially it was used to find stars which were within a reasonable distance of Sirius, within 10 parsecs. Including our sun it came up with 33 stars. I then went to the SIMBAD website (http://simbad.u-strasbg.fr/simbad) and collected data on each star. This website is a wonderful place if you are in need of astronomical data. A program was written which shifted the astronomical center from our sun to Sirius and plotted each star. With each star were also plotted its XYZ velocity vectors as well as the sum of these vectors. Again, all relative to Sirius.

Assuming our sun orbits Sirius all stars which do not orbit in the same direction were removed. By orbit I mean the Right Ascension velocities must be in the same direction. Those with high radial velocities were also removed. This left 5 stars. The following is seen if the XY coordinates are plotted for each star:

Stars' velocities

Stars' velocities

The white lines represent the sum of the XYZ velocity vectors.

Admittedly this V pattern is unusual, and interesting, but this is what the numbers produced. Below is the proof.

Rotate the X axis CW 90 degrees you’ll get the following. It may also be produced by plotting the XZ coordinates:



Last image

Last image

When I initially saw the first image I was reminded of an event which began in the early evening of March 13th, 1997, and lasted into the early morning of the 14th over the state of Arizona. It was all over the news. Do you remember?

0 = our sun

22 = Procyon A
27 = Ross 614A
28 = Ross 882
29 = tau Cet

RA = (6 45 8.9173) x 15 = 101.287 deg
Dec = -16 42 58.017 = -16.716 deg
Parallax = 379.21, Distance = 1000 / 379.21 = 2.637 parsecs

Z = 2.637 x sin(-16.716) = -0.7585
XY = 2.637 x cos(-16.716) = 2.526
Y = XY x sin(101.287) = 2.477
X = XY x cos(101.287) = -0.4944

Our Sun relative to Sirius:
X = 0.4944
Y = -2.477
Z = 0.7585

Procyon A:
RA = (7 39 18.1183) x 15 = 114.825 deg
Dec = 5 13 29.975 = 5.492 deg
Parallax = 285.93, Distance = 1000 / 285.93 = 3.497 parsecs

Z = 3.497 x sin(5.492) = 0.3347
XY = 3.497 x cos(5.492) = 3.481
Y = XY x sin(114.825) = 3.16
X = XY x cos(114.825) = -1.462
Relative to Sirius:
X = -1.462 – (-0.4944) = -0.9673
Y = 3.16 – 2.477 = 0.686
Z = 0.3347 – (-0.7585) = 1.093

Using the same procedure for the remaining stars you get the following XYZ coordinates relative to Sirius:
27 Ross 614A: X = -0.0315, Y = 1.6016, Z = 0.5565
28 Ross 882: X = -2.1166, Y = 2.8368, Z = 1.126
29 tau Cet: X = 3.6457, Y = -0.9388, Z = -0.243
along with
22 Procyon A: X = -0.9673, Y = 0.686, Z = 1.093
0 Our Sun: X = 0.4944, Y = -2.477, Z = 0.7585

I have since discovered that SIMBAD could have been used to find these stars by specifying my desired criteria. This I have done. It returned 175 objects. The additional 175 – 33 = 142 items have been entered but they made no difference in the result. Saw other interesting relationships but no additional stars relative to this particular pattern. I have left the program with the original 33 stars in place, for now, at the following website:


Changes have been made to this website since my last contact with you. If you have difficulties with it, for example downloading a file, please let me know.

I realize your profession has a difficult time with what I’m asking you to look at. Considering some of what has taken place in the past, by this I mean the last 100+ years, I can not blame you. Much foolishness has been presented therefore much time wasted. Great fundamental thoughts, ideas have been ignored by those who can do something with them. I believe the information, which I’m endeavoring to make you aware of, to be revolutionary. Worthy of an objective examination.

There are those who take another approach to the study of existence. These men and women are just as serious, just as capable, as are those who see things as do you. World conditions will be more rapidly improved by joining forces.

Any constructive suggestions you may have that will make the data easier for your colleagues to ……. approach will be welcomed.

David Tagg
Liverpool, NY USA
(315) 406-6758

The Claim

This seems rather innocuous at first glance. The claim is that the Sun is gravitationally bound to a few other stars. He has looked using a planetarium program based on the Hipparchos catalogue at all stars near to the one of interest – Sirius – and has then gained information on the proper motions of those stars with respect to Sirius, effectively plotted the velocities of all near Sirius stars as presently entered into the SIMBAD database. He claims that this information shows a link between Sirius and the Sun, further that there is a link between the Sun and the star Alcyone, as specified by the writings of John Keely…

The Refute

…and there we have the point. John Keely. In fact, David Tagg is part of a group dedicated to some Victorian mystics. In those times, a large variety of occult cosmologies came about as reinterpretations of old religions were brought about. The New Age philosophies around at the moment owe their origin to this time (Wicca and neopagans trace back to data gathered then – the interim time has allowed them to believe they are conducting practises that have formed part of a continuous subculture since prehistoric times). But if we ignore the motivation of this Atlantis, UFO and parapsychic cult, are the scientific claims of any interest? Does the Sun orbit Sirius? Naturally, all is revealed in the website.

Stars can be deflected gravitationally by anything about them. They tend to be born in stellar associations, which either drift apart into individual stars caused by the shear of the galaxy’s rotation, or they coalesce into a globular cluster. Our star, the Sun long ago left its stellar association and headed into the general population of stars. It presently spends its time orbitting the galaxy, oscillating in and out of the galactic plane and occasionally getting deflected by other stars. Sirius is doing much the same. It used to be believed that Sirius was part of a known moving group of stars, but in 2003 it was discovered that Sirius is only half the age of that cluster. As stellar associations, binary systems and the like tend to be born together, it is unlikely that one would include a star half the age of all the others in its makeup. And here’s the problem – that cluster is ten times younger than the Sun, which makes the Sun twenty times older than Sirius. There is no way these two were born together. Indeed as Sirius is headed closer to the galactic centre than we are, there is no way we are in orbit either. For all the appearance that may be derived from plotting out velocities of nearby stars in the hope that there has been a capture, it must be remembered that any plot is a snapshot of today’s motion, not the billions of years of the Sun’s existance or the hundreds of millions of Sirius. Any stars appearing to be in orbit of another could just be ships passing in the night – additionally, if they truly were in orbit, their velocities would be governed by Kepler’s laws, which in this instance they are not. In addition, the orbit would be about the centre of mass of the system – so any coincidental orbits around Sirius would mean nothing. If we then turn to Alcyone, which Sirius was meant to be a proxy to. Estimates of the age of Alcyone have the age of Sirius at the very lower end of the scale and twice that at the upper end. Either way, it too is at least ten times younger than the Sun. Alcyone also comes with its own very well defined stellar association – the Pleiades. The Sun and Sirius are certainly not members of that cluster. So why the interest in Sirius? Well, the Dog Star, as it is also known, was of great fascination to the ancient Egyptians, who have unwittingly donated so much to paranormal societies of the late Victorian era. As the brightest star in the sky, it featured a lot in astrological thoughts.

So that is it. An attempt to link our Sun to another star, inspired by a small occult group. One that has since absorbed ufology and a faked cure for cancer (it does start to turn from petty to nasty). They have their own way of expressing the subatomic (completely out of kilter with the electron quark experiments) and they have liberal sprinklings of pearls of wisdom from an old crank as well as recitations from mediums insisting they have made contact with the cranks. At one point, they even note resistance from the spirits to conducting their writings through this method for fear of their hard science being thought of as tainted by the paranormal. Naturally, their resistance is overcome and the words pour forth. Words which include all the usual suspects from homophobic rants to dead and buried ideas in science that will never again see the light of day due to the unfortunate disagreement with hard facts and evidence that does for so many of these things.


4 responses to “He cannot be Sirius?

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  2. David Tagg has offered an interesting and valuable insight. You on the other hand have simply been rude and unhelpful.
    Assume for a moment that David is right. With your training and background how would you explain the differences in age? Please put your thinking cap on and contribute. I am myself very interested in exactly this question.

    • David Tagg has offered nothing but some ramblings taken from Victorian mysticism that are entirely at odds with the evidence. I have only pointed out that the evidence isn’t there, and the evidence that is there is entirely at odds with his propositions. There is no way to explain the difference in age if you assume David is right, that is one of the main problems asides from the orbital mechanics, which he wanted investigating. He isn’t working from any theory or even a scientific hypothesis, he is merely trying to garner support for occult ideas whose time passed long ago. He has picked a single star out of a young cluster and decided it is the centre of the galaxy or even the universe – at the time the occult idea was first proposed, there wasn’t a well developed distinction between the galaxy and the universe. The simple fact of the matter is that Alycone isn’t the central star. It in fact isn’t even a single star. It is just another young star coming out of the stellar nursery it was formed in like many another. David chooses to ignore this and any astronomy that doesn’t cooperate with his beliefs. Those are the facts, if you consider the facts too far askew, then reevaluate your world view. That’s how scientific progress is made, I won’t distort it to give you a seed of comfort.

  3. Thanks for the piece – I only read the “refute” part of the post because I recently became interested in stellar associations and the Sun’s status in that regard. So, the science was of interest, not so much the mystical theory. Thanks for the info, very much appreciated

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