Help build MiniSpaceWorld

Inspired by the success of a model railway display in Germany, MiniSpaceWorld intends to be a display about spaceflight both culturally and in reality. It will fit into a moderate sized building and be divided into various ‘worlds’ – themed rooms. The themes will be:

  • Stargazers / Dawn of The Space Age
    The world of Astronomy from Stonehenge via Galileo’s Fall Tower up to the most modern optical and radio telescopes, space telescopes.
  • Ad Astra!
    Dynamic display of currently existing and planned Spaceports in motion: Space Shuttle launches in Cape Canaveral, Ariane starts in Kourou, Soyuz lift-off in Baikonur, Virgin Galactic Spaceport in New Mexico with SpaceShipTwo, Space Elevator, etc.
  • Space Elevator
    Going into Orbit using the “Lift to the Stars”.

  • In Orbit
    Over the heads of the visitors: satellites, old and new spaceships, space stations draw their circles in front of the background of the sky; under the feet of the visitors the rotating Earth is projected through a glass floor.
  • Exploring The Solar System
    The life of the future Moon Bases; Everyday life of a Mars colony.
  • Far Worlds / Science Fiction
    Best of Science Fiction – no limits for fantasy!
  • Size of The Universe
    Multimedia installation to show Scales and Dimensions of Space.

There will also be an entrance hall and an exhibition of items from everyday life derived from technologies developed for spaceflight.

The worlds haven’t all been imagined yet and one of them – Far Worlds – best of science fiction – is open to the public to design via the design competition, for which team registration has just opened. Teams may be 1-5 people large and any one person can be in multiple teams. Prizes to be awarded at ceremony in Budapest include a first prize of at least 1,500 euros.

One response to “Help build MiniSpaceWorld

  1. Philip, thanks for spreading the word about MiniSpaceWorld.

    Keep up good work with your blog!


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