Studying meteorites on Mars

If you’ve popped over to Mars to rove about and look at rocks, it perhaps isn’t improbable that you’d find a few alien boulders. However, the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity have taken it a bit further by finding not just Mars rocks, but also meteorites on the Martian surface. The latest find is a rather large (0.6 metre) thing called Block Island. The candidate meteorite, which looks rather different from its surroundings, is to be blasted with radiation from the alpha particle and X-ray spectrometer to help determine what it is and if it looks more like the meteorites we know and love or whether it is actually just an unusual Martian boulder.

Our resident frustrated Martian in this region is @Mars_Stu, who as well as everything else he does blogs at Cumbrian Sky. In this post he examines the various meteorites discovered on the surface of the Red Planet by the two intrepid rovers.

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