Astrophotographer of the year

A number of astronomy photography competitions run throughout the year, the shortlist for this one has been published on New Scientist’s website. I do wonder if two star trails and a photo of the Moon really cut it for the top ten of the world’s astrophotography as judged by the observatory in Greenwich…


2 responses to “Astrophotographer of the year

  1. Let’s hope a nice shot of the aurora over the subarctic of Fort smith, NWT, cuts it for my sake 😀 lol!

    I think everyone has some spectacular images so far, from what I’ve seen.

    • In my eyes it certainly does!

      To clarify, I was surprised a relatively bare lunar shot like the one that was there got to the top ten as well as two star trails given the possible variety. The rest of the photos definitely all earned their places, and even the star trails would get by if there was only one of them…

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