Second spacewalk underway

The second of three planned spacewalks conducted by the crew of the space shuttle Discovery as part of the mission STS-128 is underway. The mission is an ISS construction mission and today’s EVA #2 will see Danny Olivas and Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang remove an empty ammonia tank and install a new one. Events during the expected 6.5 hours of the spacewalk can be followed on NASA TV. Meanwhile highlights from Flight Day Six of the mission, a twitter/youtube event and recordings of the launch from the view of the Solid Rocket Boosters have all been posted on NASA’s Youtube Channel and are reproduced below:

The mission can be followed by occasional bulletins here, its mission pages, through live events on NASA TV (later posted to NASA’s Youtube Channel) or through twitter via @Astro_Jose, @Astro_Tim, @CFuglesang, @Astro_Nicole and @NASA. Check here to see if the ISS or other satellites are going to pass over your area.


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