Space? It’s a bit stuffy up here


Astronauts aboard the space shuttle Discovery on mission STS-128 have reported “stuffy heads”, though not bad enough to affect their operations on the ISS construction mission. Such illnesses have been reported before during missions when CO2 levels got unusually high. This time the scrubbers are working fine, but it is possible that the number of people up there in close quarters breathing each others air has produced pockets of CO2 that haven’t broken up or made it to the scrubbers. Astronauts are screened to ensure no-one with actual medical illnesses goes up, but occasional bouts of ‘space sickness’, similar to motion sickness, are only revealed when the astronauts get up there.

The mission can be followed by occasional bulletins here, its mission pages, through live events on NASA TV (later posted to NASA’s Youtube Channel) or through twitter via @Astro_Jose, @Astro_Tim, @CFuglesang, @Astro_Nicole and @NASA. Check here to see if the ISS or other satellites are going to pass over your area.


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