IYA2009 updates

Project updates and media mentions relating to the International Year of Astronomy, 2009 have been posted. Here’s the summary…

IYA2009 Updates begins with the special edition lunar edition of the UNESCO courier. Then the South East’s Great Look Up star party, organised by Guildford astronomy society and the university of Surrey. Then onto videos, with an American community applauded for IYA2009 efforts and JPL’s contribution. A couple of conferences next, one about protecting the night sky from Light Pollution in Ireland and one in Principe about Astroparticle Physics, with a special school running alongside it. Finally a mention for NASA’s music and astronomy events.

IYA2009 Media Mentions starts off with a space.com article about IYA2009. Universe Today hosted a live webcast from Israel’s Barekat Observatory. A local Derbyshire paper carried a story about a conductor for an IYA2009 classical concert. The BBC put up a video about the Great Look Up. The Times has mentioned an astrophotography competition, IYA2009 also mentioned another… Finally, YourWestValley.com mentions an IYA2009 themed photographic exhibition.


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