Autumn Moonwatch call to arms

The International Year of Astronomy, 2009 is preparing to host its Autumn Moonwatch, and so has issued a call to arms to get events registered for the period this will cover:

Dear UK Astronomy Community,

We are now well into IYA2009, and Professor Ian Robson and I would like to thank you for all your efforts to date in engaging with the public and bringing IYA2009 to life. We are now gearing up for our next big national event, our Autumn Moonwatch, which will take place between 24 October and 01 November 2009.

During Autumn Moonwatch we want to get as many people as possible looking up at the night sky, whether through a telescope, binoculars or with their naked eyes, and for that we need your help!

Whether you open the doors of your observatory or planetarium; take your ‘scopes out into the street, the local shopping centre, or park; give a public lecture; or put on an exhibition; whatever you do you’ll be giving the public a chance to experience their own “Galileo moments”, their first look up in wonder at the night sky.

Many of you may already have events planned for Autumn Moonwatch, but if not we would urge you to make every effort to do so. If you only do one IYA2009 event this year, make it an Autumn Moonwatch event.

Of course we will do everything we can to promote your event, and will include it in our massive and ever-increasing online database of activities. We currently have 1200 unique events registered as part of IYA2009, spreading over 5000 days throughout the year. Last spring, when we ran Spring Moonwatch, we had 150 events taking place nationwide, but we want to make Autumn Moonwatch even bigger or better.

Help us to make it happen.

You can register your events via our very simple “Registration Document”, available here:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Steve Owens


One response to “Autumn Moonwatch call to arms

  1. Sept.21st. Observing at Asta club house
    Oct. 24th. Moonwatch Shetland Museum
    Nov. 21st. Moonwatch Shetland Museum
    Dec. 13th. Geminid Meteor shower at Asta
    Jan. 3rd. Quadantids Observing at Asta Golf Clubhouse

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