We won’t go to the Moon?

Two media reports out today suggest lunar exploration will be cut out of the plan for NASA’s future. MSNBC news in its report “return to the Moon isn’t viable“, suggests that an extra $3 billion will be needed to keep NASA’s exploration afloat. It quotes a new report as suggesting NASA needs to stimulate private for profit ventures into space such as designing and flying new vehicles to resupply the International Space Station, which NASA fears will be vulnerable after the organisation abandons it in 2015.

New Scientist‘s take on the same report suggests that NASA without the budgetary increase will be left to perform orbital mission as the development of the Ares V rocket and Orion capsule would leave no money to develop lunar landing hardware. The mission to Mars would then involve no bootprints on the surface as all NASA could safely do would be orbit one of Mars’ moons for a bit before heading back home.

Makes you want to pat them on the head then hand the money over to the big boys…


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