The space shuttle has landed

The space shuttle Discovery has ended mission STS-128 to resupply the International Space Station. After almost fourteen days, the twin sonic booms announcing the shuttle’s arrival over LA signaled the orbiter’s path towards the Edward’s Airbase was almost complete. The booms had people in southern California twittering a variety of fears from Earthquakes to shootings, but these were soon allayed. The shuttle had to divert to a Californian landing site after the preferred site at the Kennedy Space Center proved nonviable due to the Florida weather. Discovery will now be transported back atop an airplane as several shuttle missions before have been. Discovery brought back with it ISS astronaut @Astro_Tim, who swapped places with @Astro_Nicole, now living on the space station. As well as this, ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang (@cfuglesang) also returned to the ground.

Once on the ground, the shuttle crew switched off the orbiter and underwent medical checks before six of the seven went on a walkabout and said a few words. Below are some videos showing the landing, walkabout and post landing briefing, posted to NASA’s Youtube Page:

The next mission is STS-129, penciled in for November 12th using the space shuttle Atlantis. It is expected to last eleven days and involved three spacewalks.

STS-128 can be read about by using its mission pages, through events posted to NASA’s Youtube Channel) or through twitter via @Astro_Jose, @Astro_Tim, @CFuglesang, @Astro_Nicole and @NASA. Check here to see if the ISS or other satellites are going to pass over your area.


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