Students @ NASA

There are lots of activities where NASA invites students to participate. Coming up soon, for example, will be the results of the 2009 Moon Work Engineering Contest. The winning teams are from the University of Maryland, College Park; the University of Akron, Ohio; and Texas A&M University, College Station. They will be put to work on part of the Desert RATS lunar analog tests ongoing at the moment. These tests, which include the new Lunar Exploration Rover, Chariot B, the TriAthlete and a new portable utility thing called a PUP, are presently being run with ‘astronauts’ undergoing a mock fortnight mission in the desert.

Another thing students can do at NASA is become an intern. These three guys describe life at a NASA research center (one went to Dryden, the other two Langley). As well as quick interviews and links to their blogs, the webpage also has a link to NASA’s aeronautical scholarship application system.


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