IYA2009 updates

Project and media mentions updates from last week regarding the International Year of Astronomy, 2009:

Four IYA2009 Project Updates. The podcast 365 days of Astronomy has won an award, Best Infotainment at the Parsec Awards. The American Public Broadcasting System NewsHour has run a piece on The World at Night, a compilation of professional and competition winning photos and timelapse videos of various parts of the world against a celestial background – whose latest newsletter is here. Saturn is apparently ringless due to the icy things being edge on at the moment – learn more here. A recording of the live webcast from Bareket Observatory, Israel is available here.

IYA2009 Media Mentions begins with Universe Today covering the 365 days Parsec Award. YourWestValley has an article showing TWAN isn’t the only astro picture exhibit in town. Star parties are going on as the Northern Hemisphere hits winter – the San Francisco Chronicle has mention of one as has The Comet, this time one in the UK and the Shetland Times mentions an upcoming (21st September) public observing session in their walkthrough of the night sky. As for professionals? Here’s a video on the BBC about a typical day for a female astronomer at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.

It’ll probably make next week’s media mentions, but here’s a video of author Bob Crelin promoting IYA 2009 on US TV.


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