Expedition 21 readies itself for launch

The six person crew of the International Space Station in their current configuration are referred to as Expedition 20. At the end of this month, two people will blast off in a Soyuz capsule. Two days later, they will arrive and two on board the station will prepare to leave. Expedition 20 will be over and Frank de Winne will take over as commander of the station to begin Expedition 21. The events are being covered by NASA TV, and the schedule is here. A new twitterer will be blasting up on the capsule, known as @Astro_Jeff. The first shuttle mission of Expedition 21 will be STS-129, due for blast off on November 12th. Media people wanting to be at the launch event should look here for information and registration details.

Expedition 20 and 21 have both given TV interviews in the past couple of days, these are shown below along with the arrival of the first unmanned Japanese HTV supply ship. All are taken off NASA’s Youtube Channel:


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