Rare outburst

On September 14th, Rod Stubbings, an amateur observer in Australia, noticed a new glow in the position of the star VX Fornax. The progenitor star is fainter than magnitude 20 and the only indication that it exists was when it was seen to flare up to magnitude 12 in 1990, when it was first discovered. Until now, the star has since remained quiet. An attempt to classify the outburst in 1990 failed after no tell tale wiggles were seen in its brightness during a week of observations. Further evidence about the outburst type suggests others have gone for ten days before wiggles develop. The new outburst, registered at a visual magnitude of 13.0, gives a renewed chance to study the possible dwarf nova. As such the AAVSO requests observations and monitoring of the outburst, with coordinates and information here. Mike Simonsen has further info about the event on his blog.


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