IYA2009 weekly updates

The weekly updates from projects and media mentions associated with the International Year of Astronomy, 2009 are now up and summarised below:

IYA2009 project updates begins with the press release announcing Galilean Nights, a night of public observing across the globe. If it’s too chilly or cloudy to see the night sky, bring it to you with ESO’s GigaGalaxy Zoom. Alternatively, learn about astronomy through a comic on developments through the ages – The Lives of Galileo. No dark skies near you? Matador has a few suggestions of places to go on holiday. The StarWalk iphone planetarium program has been reviewed. A telescope amnesty and drop-in center has proven a success for one astronomical society. Author Bob Crelin has released a video in support of IYA2009. The World At Night has produced its latest newsletter of videos and pictures added this week. Incidentally, photographers might be interested in adding their IYA2009 photos to the official flickr group. 400 years of the telescope has also released a newsletter this week.

IYA2009 News Updates begins with that Matador story. Upamanyu Morita’s blog contains a video of the 100 hours of astronomy awards ceremony. Tenerife News reports that the village of Tegueste’s Farmers’ Market Association and local artists are holding a “Stellar Street Market” on 23rd of September. The market will “pay tribute” to the stars and constellations. The Anglo-Celt reports local youth Pal Smith won the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Youth Award, but weren’t allowed to print the picture. Rather defeats the object of holding the contest. The University of Florida News reports the Florida Museum of Natural History and local astro groups will hold their annual Starry Night event on the 25th og September, including Galileoscope building. The Comet reports a star party it advertised (picked up by IYA2009 news mentions) had its turnout boosted by the publicity. Finally, Hi-Desert Star are advertising the Yucca Valley’s 13th annual Starry Nights Festival. There will be astronomers on hand to give talks and answer questions, a raffle, and even a kids’ fancy-dress fun day.


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