GigaGalaxy zooms to stage two

via Astronomy Now.

The second stage of the GigaGalaxy Zoom project has been released. Stage one (visible on the same link) shows the entire sky as the naked eye sees it in 800 million pixels, with fifteen points of interest (naked eye or binocular sights) included. Now, you can click on ‘zoom to next stage!’, a button which draws you in to a 34 by 20 degree view of the galactic centre, rather than the 360 degrees of the night sky. Here, some less familiar parts of the night sky are flagged up in fifteen telescopic sights. This is a 340 million pixel true colour image of the galactic centre obtained with 200 hours observing time over 29 nights, comprising 1,200 images stretching from Sagittarius to Scorpius.

Stage three, the last bit, arrives next week.


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