The International Science Festival 2009 is to be held in St Louis for five days on the 7th-11th of October. The first three days are weekdays set aside for schoolchildren to visit in groups. The final weekend however is open to the public. All days involve a series of demonstrations and activities relating to different topics of science. Astronomy and space science related ones include:

  • Robot Revolution – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Icy Comets, Meteor showers – Wednesday
  • Black light fun – Wednesday
  • Secrets of the stars – Wednesday
  • States of matter – Wednesday
  • Revealing the Universe: The Hubble – Thursday, Friday
  • How you will go to the Moon – Thursday, Friday
  • Rock Guitar and the Big Bang – Friday
  • Rock Guitar in 11 dimensions – Saturday
  • Journey through the Universe – Saturday
  • Can the Moon save the Earth – Saturday
  • The Science behind Science Fiction – Saturday
  • A star is born – and dies – Sunday
  • Solo to the edge of space – Sunday

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