IYA2009 updates

Project updates and media mentions for the International Year of Astronomy, 2009 have been posted and are summarised below.

IYA2009 project updates begins with another plug for Galilean Nights. IYA2009 wants to use your photos, details here. Ongoing at the moment is the 6th Sri Lankan Star Party. Meanwhile, just finished is the annual be an astronomy researcher for a night event. If only they’d told us in advance… Strangely enough, Communicating Astronomy with the Public is the next item, via a conference of that name to be held next year. The UN pulls our attention to the upcoming Space Week and the recent International Day of Peace. Meanwhile a panEuropean education event has been held led by Frank De Winne on the International Space Station. The ICON SciFi festival in Tek Aviv, Israel will be celebrating IYA2009. The project 400 years of the telescope has produced a newsletter. The project She is an Astronomer has produced a calendar. The Quantum to Cosmos festival in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada is set to go. Meanwhile if you wish to study astronomy in Ghana during the winter session, then click here.

Meanwhile in IYA2009 News Updates, the New York Times has an astronomy quiz based on From Earth to the Universe. In San Saba News and Star, amateur astronomer Paul Derrick brings together characters from the history of astronomy to explain how their research contributes to the discipline. Meanwhile the Hindustan Times considers the question of life in the Universe. The Atlantic has the story of the MIT students who became the latest to launch a camera on a balloon to the edge of space. NAZtoday talks about the Flagstaff Science Festival, which began today and will include a presentation by the fourth man on the Moon. Bulgaria celebrates thirty years since the first Bulgarian in space and opens up astronomical institutions in various cities to the public to celebrate IYA2009, according to Radio Bulgaria. Finally, there’ll be some public astronomy going on in Baton Rouge, near the New Orleans area according to events listings at 2theadvocate.com.


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