The Sky at night – in 3D

The Sky at Night Magazine (which tweets here) has come out with a new special edition. This one features one hundred 3D images of space and includes 3D glasses for easy viewing. It is out now and can be got from WH Smiths or direct from the BBC.


6 responses to “The Sky at night – in 3D

  1. I have some intreast in the wonderful sites we have in the sky and realised back in April that I was actully seeing a planets movements, namely Venus.
    At the moment I can see that a planet is showing near the moon from here in London and I would like to know which planet it is please. The date 30/09/2009. I hope that you can help.
    Thank you JTValerie

    • Glad to help. The planet Jupiter was just below the Moon as seen from London that (last) night. Out of interest, the planet Mars is presently up and to the left of Orion in the morning skies. Additionally, a small telescope or binoculars should reveal the moons of Jupiter (four of them in a line) and the phases (like the Moon) of Venus.

  2. Thank you for your letter, it has been a long time that Jupiter has been in this position and would I be write in saying that Jupiter will be with us for a few months still.
    I it true; when I said that it was Venus that was our bright wandering start back in April.
    I am just getting to understand the movements of our heavens above and I thank you so much for the information, thank you.


    • Jupiter will be with us for a few months. Each night, it will make its way closer to sunset, eventually vanishing behind the Sun, but it will be back next year. Venus makes its appearances either in the evening or in the morning (in the morning at the moment) as it stays close to the Sun, so back in April, it would’ve been an evening star. Saturn was the bright thing in the night skies during April.

  3. Michael Merrifield

    If you would like to not only see the Universe in 3D, but also own scientifically-accurate 3D models of it, I would recommend . But then since I run the company in my spare time, I would!

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