New images of artifacts on the Moon

Artifacts of the space age have been imaged by NASA’s LRO satellite on the Moon. In its new lower orbit, the spacecraft took better than ever images of the Apollo 11 landing site, showing the foot prints of Neil Armstrong as he ventured for man’s first ever look into a lunar crater, as well as the science package, TV camera and descent stage of the Eagle, all left behind on that momentous mission. The image can be seen here.

But even before man first set foot on the Moon, robotic explorers tasted the regolith. Surveyor 1 was NASA’s first soft landing (ie a probe that landed rather than crashed into the Moon). The probe landed on June 2nd, 1966 and took images on that first lunar day, which ended July 7th. The probe continued sending back data until January 7th, 1967. The images of the probe can be seen here.

Both images are part of the LROC News System blog, which can be seen here.


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