Expedition 21 docks with the ISS

The Soyuz capsule carrying the two crew members who will mark the changeover to the Expedition 21 crew configuration have arrived at the International Space Station (along with a space tourist). Videos of the docking and news conference have been posted to NASA’s Youtube Channel and are available for viewing below:

One of the two crewmembers to arrive was Jeff Williams, the NASA astronaut who will be commander of Expedition 22 after ESA astronaut Frank De Winne completes his term as commander of Expedition 21, to start shortly. Williams will become one of two members of the ISS crew to be sending down tweets. His account is here and he joins Nicole Stott, who tweets here. The appearance of two twitterers on the station has led NASA (who tweet here) to arrange a Tweetup. This meeting will allow users of twitter who follow the various NASA missions to participate in a meet and greet with those behind NASA twitter accounts as well as a live link up to the twitterers on the space station all happening at NASA’s Washington headquarters. Further information can be found here and registration can be done through this page. The event will be broadcast live on NASA TV and will occur at 10am-12 noon EDT on the 21st of October.


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