The three enclosures of the Zooniverse

Over the years, Galaxy Zoo, the citizen science project where people log onto a website and classify galaxies by shape, has undergone a series of evolutions. First out came Galaxy Zoo 2, which enhanced the classifications in which the galaxies, all snapped with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 2 could be put. The Galaxy Zoo Supernovae then looked at a particular strip of SDSS data, which had been reimaged several times, possibly catching supernovae. The results of the trial showed that users could in fact identify exploding stars. Then came Galaxy Zoo Mergers, which gave users computer simulations of merging galaxies and asked them to run the simulations to classify interacting galaxies.

Now all three of the later projects are back. The Zooniverse has been launched and waits willing users from across the world. Training is provided and fame (though not fortune) could be round the corner should you be someone who spots a new feature in the firmament or identifies a new class of galaxy, both things that have happened in the projects so far.


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