I received notification from the one and thankfully only William Shatner (who tweets here) that there is a new social networking site for creative types interested in science fiction projects. is organised so that writers/artists/film makers/animators/directors/musicians/cue endless list/etc can join up, showcase some of their talents and hopefully be selected for one of the six projects running via the site.

The users of the site are categorised by applying for ‘citizenship’ of a single planet. There are six to choose from, each identifying a different set of talents as requirements for citizenship. Users can create multiple logons if they wish to becomes citizens of more than one planet, but ultimately each logon can be associated with just one of the six.

Users can then network with other users and emply rss feeds, photo uploads and video uploads to showcase their talents. There exist six ‘starships’, each with an identified captain, which represent projects – perhaps a TV production, a game or a musical attraction. The captains, who have to write logs of activity on their ships, will select from the citizens of the planets below a series of creative types with they believe the right talent for the job.

The site at present is extremely buggy, but works well enough for my purposes. I’ve added an rss feed to another of my blogs and have the ability to load images and videos, should they be required. We’re a small community of planets at the moment, but very welcoming if you want to come along and join in.


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