IYA Project Updates

More updates from projects associated with the International Year of Astronomy, 2009, summarised from its webpage.

Winners of the Galilean Nights awards have been announced. Awards were given in six categories, each of which have a winner and two runners up including Outstanding Event; Most events by a single registered group; Highest attendance at a single registered event; Community Outreach; Most innovative event; Best plan B.

Registration has now opened for Global Astronomy Month, which will take place in April. Merchandise can be found in their cafepress shop and they have begun to release their weekly newsletter.

Sixteen hours instruction. Eight hours in the making, Clockwork Skies is a free to download and use planetarium show, created by attendees of the Spring 2010 Blender Production Workshop. More info and the full show can be found here.

There will be a conference on the theme of the IYA2009 project She is an Astronomer, to review the project and analyse progress.

The IAU has published a page on careers in astronomy.

Bareket Observatory is advertising itself as an educational resource available to local schools.

A call for proposals for teaching projects aimed at the developing world has been maded through the Galileo Teacher Training Program – and the deadline for answers has been extended.

There’s a new astronomical photography exhibition running in Amsterdam until the 30th of May.

The Space Education and Outreach session at the International Astronomical Conference in Prague at the end of September is calling for abstracts in this field.

The free March issue of Practical Astronomy is ready for download.

There has been a request to collect the star stories of ancient people and cut-off rural areas.

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies has compiled a list of educational resources concerned with the Hubble Space Telescope. It is available here.

Finally (and not included in the updates webpage) there is a cafepress shop selling items called ‘Beyond the International Year of Astronomy‘ to cater for the continuing requests for IYA2009 logo adorned things.


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