A few things to do over the next few weeks

With Global Astronomy Month rolling in throughout April, there may be some confusion over what to do to celebrate the event. Fortunately, the organising group, Astronomers Without Borders, has put out a ten point suggestion of things to do during GAM. These include Living Legends, which will connect the modern greats of astronomy with the public via the internet; Is Anyone Out There, which will be another internet session, observing the signature of an exoplanet through a professional telescope; Sun Day will be a day to do solar observing; Saturn Watch, to welcome back the rings; Write Your Name in the Sky is a citizen science asteroid hunt, with the possibility of naming anything discovered; Lunar Week is a bit of a Moon watch; Lyrids Watch is a meteor watch; One Star at a Time is a light pollution activism event; Global Star Party will end the month with a single day dedicated to a global star party, where amateurs across the world are requested to take out those scopes and get observing.

If you can’t wait that long, from today until the 13th, the Big Bang Fair is a free event happening in Manchester. Those down south might also be interested in Your Universe, starting again tomorrow until the 14th, at University College London.

If even that sounds like hard work and waiting, then there’s always the choice of a quick flick through the Astronomy Photographer of the Year gallery.


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