Lots of Moon pics

The team behind the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter or LRO is to release 55 terabytes of data.

LRO is in orbit of the Moon, scanning the surface with seven instruments, each gathering high resolution data on our nearest neighbour to be beamed back to Earth. The data will help scientists analyse the Moon both as a system in itself and in comparison to other objects studied throughout the solar system.

Hundreds of images have already been released as a taste of what is to come, but with 130 terabytes of data expected to be generated by the mission, a big release of what has been gathered and some that has been calibrated so far is now due. The release coincides with the mid point of the year long mission, but less than half the expected data will be released as some of the datasets belong to year long measurements, which cannot be released early.

The data will be placed on the Planetary Data System.


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