More on the Moon

Following the LRO data release, two interesting things have popped into view. The first is a few images showing Soviet hardware still on the Moon (they’ve already released the American stuff). The landers and rovers seen by the Lunar satellite are Luna 20, 23 and 24 as well as the tracks of Lunokhod 2.

The second is the latest incarnation of the Zooniverse called Moon Zoo. Following the galaxy classifying Galaxy Zoo, the supernova searching Supernova Zoo, the galaxy merger modelling Galaxy Zoo merger hunt and the Solar surface scanning Solar Storm Watch, this latest citizen science project allows one to scan images of the surface of the Moon and identify a certain type of crater. Part one of image classification is simply to point out where and what size craters are visible (above a certain diameter). The second part is to then identify whether these craters are nice and smooth or surrounded by boulders and if so if there’s just a few, quite a few or loads of them. This website is presently in beta mode, meaning its undergoing testing. Added functionality could be added at a later date, according to the results gathered during commissioning.


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