A bit of spaceflight history for sale

It has been reported that a series of artifacts from the Apollo missions are to be auctioned in New York at Bonhams, following a similar auction last year to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the first Moon landing. The auction will happen on April the 13th at 1pm in the middle of Global Astronomy Month. The Space History Sale will include such rare items as a freeze dried pineapple drink from and the crew manifest for Apollo 13, the docking ring of Apollo 14 and a mission patch worn by Michael Collins as he commanded the bit of Apollo 11 that remained in orbit of the Moon. The full catalog of items is here.

The BBC has also dredged out an interview of Walter Schirra, Apollo 13 astronaut, from the World Tonight radio program archives.

Meanwhile, a couple of astronauts from the International Space Station carried out a return to Earth that mimics familiar happenings throughout the space age. They returned to the ground in a Soyuz capsule. Jeff Williams and Maxim Suraev landed in thick snow and high winds in Kazakhstan. After landing, the capsule was tipped on its side and dragged across the floor by the winds, but they were evacuated without injury. An image of squelch down is here. Meanwhile as they were descending to Earth, their former station-mate @Astro_Soichi took a snap of the trail left as the capsule headed down.

On a related note, ESA’s Mars Express team have published a blog entry on the logistics of a space mission. Just so you know it isn’t all pictures and pretty altimeter data.


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