A couple of blasts from the past

With the rediscovery of both US and Soviet hardware on the surface of the Moon, some other artifacts of the space age have been lumbering back into view.

Lunakhod 1 and 2 were Soviet rovers on the Moon, rather like Spirit and Opportunity on Mars today, but much more short lived, much faster and better travelled on the surface (though they had less of a trip to the surface they ended up exploring). As with the Mars rovers, the Moon rover drivers weren’t entirely averse to adding a little fun to the scientific mission. It appears that this fun might have included drawing figure of eights in the lunar regolith to celebrate March 8th, International Women’s Day and it is possible that one of these has been seen in data from LRO.

Away from the Moon and onto the second man to have walked on it. Buzz Aldrin, an engineer from MIT of some note, has been given a bit of a profile on the university alumni blog. It is more concerned with his celebrity than his science or previous travel plans, but still a pleasant enough read.


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