Big day in UK Space Policy now dawns

The UK Space agency will be launched by Lord Mandelson today. This comes on the eve of the UK Space Conference and the day after Virgin Galactic (who tweet here) showed the VSS Enterprise off to the world, fixed in flight to its launch plane, the VMS Eve. The Guardian immediately called it a dot com millionaires’ space race due to the recent commercial satellite contract taken on by the private space launch company SpaceX.

But of course, none of this has much to do with why it is a really big day tomorrow. Those are merely the headline grabbers.

In parliament, following the publication of the Science and Technology committee’s sixth report, this time on the probable effects of cuts on the science budget, there will be a debate in the house of commons on the Future of Physics Funding. A general synopsis of the present situation has, as they tend to, cropped up again here.

It is the second event that will determine whether the first can have anything made of it.


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