More NASA educational resources

NASA have been (through their twitter account) pointing users to their array of online educational programs and resources. Of course, one of the better resources to pop out is the IMAX 3D Hubble film. The astronaut Mike Massimino has (through his twitter account) been promoting the ‘webisodes’ (clips) and games available on the IMAX Hubble website. Hubble itself, continues to produce stunning images as its second decade in space comes to an end.

Meanwhile, UK scientist Professor Stephen Hawking has been given the 2010 Cosmos Award for Outstanding Public Presentation of Science by the Planetary Society. The award, which has been run since 2005, is given to individuals who carry out significant work “to inspire the people of Earth to explore other worlds, understand our own and seek life elsewhere.”

Also the First Azarquiel School of Astronomy will be held in Granada, July 4-11 2010, and the registration is now open. The school will provide expert teaching on different areas of astronomy and Arabic influences on the science. The website is here.

Finally, if you want to connect to the different online space agencies (the day that the UK launches its own), or see how to find photos, videos and all kinds of other online space resources through social networking, an article has been written here to help.


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