Podcasts and vodcasts galore

For some reason, there were a lot of video and audio clips out to listen to today.

Firstly, here’s the latest edition of the Sky at Night’s youtube vodcast (it includes information about Saturn’s aurorae – good – but say’s they’re created by funneling particles into the magnetic field – very bad!!! – if that were so, Saturn would have a small cap of glowing material, not a spiral around the open field lines!). It is presented by Will Gater, who tweets here.

Two series of lectures given to the Astronomy Society of the Pacific have been put online. The first is a series that aims to explain to educators the science behind whatever’s been in the headlines as well as providing links to resources and activities. The second is the Silicon Valley Lecture Series, where the great and good from astronomy have been giving invited lectures for some years. Historic lectures are also included along with more recent ones.

Mike Massimino, who tweets here, was an astronaut on STS-131. Here are located a behind the scenes youtube view of the mission:

On the day that the next shuttle launch to the International Space Station is given the go ahead for April 5th and reports that these launches may well proceed into 2011, the first European commander of the station, Frank De Winne gives an interview to the BBC, which includes text, a long audio clip and some video.

Astronomy Now has interviewed its writer Nick Howes on his recent discovery of the splitting off of a chunk of the nucleus of Comet Siding Spring while doing some remote observing:

BLAST, the movie that follows an attempt to launch a balloon and image the CMB, is available for purchase. The PAL home DVD of BLAST is available internationally for $29.99. The educational double disc is available for $250. To learn more about the film, click here.

Finally, Professor Brian Cox (who will be speaking at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London on the 7th of May along with others as part of Robin Ince’s School for Gifted Children comedy show) was on Jonathan Ross‘s show last night (repeat tomorrow, iPlayer here). He will also be presenting the next edition of Wonders of the Solar System, Sunday, BBC2 at 9pm. Behind the scenes clips can be found hereand pictures here.


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