Remote observing opportunities in the Global Astronomy Month

During April, which is Global Astronomy Month, there will be the chance to participate in some remote observing sessions over the internet using the 35cm telescope of Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory in Italy. There will be opportunities for both group and personal observations.

There will be an attempt to get as many Messier objects as possible on the 5th of April (the day Discovery goes to the ISS). Observations of the dip in a star’s brightness as an exoplanet transits it on the 7th of April. Asteroid hunting on the 15th of April. And a guided tour of the solar system on the 22nd of April.

In addition there will be free personal observing sessions, which will be 30 minutes of time on the telescope any day in April, limited to one session per person and only for five people per registered country. Book fast for your place.

Of course, if even this is a little too weather dependent for you, then turn your own computer into a telescope with Microsofts Worldwide Telescope. Some teaching ideas and resources are available for it here.


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