The Great Kendal Solar System Scale Model – Take 2!

Aficionados of this site and others in the region of Kendal may remember that on October 10th last year, Stuart Atkinson and the Eddington Society along with Doug Ellison and others from Barrow and Cockermouth astronomical societies spent a while standing on Kendal castle next to scale models of the planets, the Sun and Pluto arranged at distances on the same scale as the models we used. This was the Kendal Solar System Scale Model and my write up (with pictures) is here.

It is back.

This time we will be out of the mud and along the flat(ish) path that runs alongside the Kent by Waterside. Taking in a few historic sites in Kendal, close to the town hall and with activities and displays planned along the length, this time it will be easier to reach and even better to come along to.

The date the thing will be up and running? Saturday August 14th – there will be reminders closer to the time. Lots of reminders.


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