Some April fool’s jokes of note

The world of physics and astronomy is not immune to the lures of April Fool’s day, so here’s a quick round up of just a couple of ones that I caught…

The rise and accent of Professor Brian Cox was parodied by the Institute of Physics when it announced he would be doing a cameo on Coronation Street. Ok, the idea that he might turn up as lecturer Brian Knox isn’t too far fetched, but add in the revelation that he is Ken Barlow’s long lost son and he would be teaching basic physics to Rosie Webster and it all just becomes a little too much…

Meanwhile his science base, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN was facing its annual challenge from a potential new collider to be built on the circle line of the London Underground. Unfortunately, the RMT expressed concerns at the speeds the protons would be expected to travel at and started to demand rest periods longer than the 12 month shutdowns at the LHC.

Meanwhile a report from CERN itself suggests the LHC has discovered a repulsive paleoparticle.

The American Geophysical Union has apparently also toyed with the idea of calling the recent dip in solar activity the Stern Minimum, based on Stern’s long years in the field and deep dismay at having nothing as significant named after him…

Meanwhile, the departure of the Science and Technology Facility Council‘s beleaguered CEO, Keith Mason was announced by Steve Milan, citing “intolerable pressures” and admitting “mistakes were made”.

A couple of other roundups of science April Fools are here and here.


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