Monday Madness

Two things happen of interest to space people tomorrow (well, there’s more, but two come to mind when writing this post).

Global Astronomy Month will be hosting an online Messier marathon from 19:00 BST. The marathon will look at as many as possible of the 110 objects in Messier’s catalogue, ranging from star clusters and nebulae to the nucleus of the Andromeda galaxy. More info is shared in their newsletter.

Meanwhile the Space Shuttle Discovery will be blasting off to the International Space Station on mission STS-131 at roughly 11:21 BST. This could be subject to change as the milestones to the countdown are ticked off or not, one by one. A quick explanation of shuttle countdown procedures is given here.

…and if your kids want to sample astronaut food or dress up as an astronaut, I have been sent the link to an online space store called SpaceKids, who tweet here.


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