More Global Astronomy Month activities

Following the successful online Messier Marathon, the next big venture of Global Astronomy Month will be Saturn Watch, lasting from the 11th-16th of April. If you want to know where Saturn is, then Astronomy Now has an interactive sky map to help.

GAM also has a new Youtube Channel and a trailer, shown below:

For those of us in the dark heart of Kendal, the Eddington Society has an ask the astronomers panel event coming up on our public beginners’ night meeting at Kendal Museum on the 12th of April at 7pm. Our own views of Saturn will be taken on the 21st of April from 8pm as we have a public observing night scheduled on that date.

…and if you can’t wait for all that, keep your eyes on the Western horizon at sunset for the appearance of Mercury and Venus, then turn your eyes to the North when it gets dark for a higher than has recently been average chance of seeing the aurora (if you live at the right latitude…).


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