Some snippets of astronomical information

There’s a couple of new videos and webpages of interest, giving historical or basic explanations of topics with relevance to astronomy.

The European Space Agency has a new video relating to the Sun and how we observe it. Admittedly, it misses out nearly two thousand year’s worth of sunspot observations and promotes an inaccurate pronunciation of the word magnetosphere, but a good watch nevertheless.

Meanwhile, over at NASA, there’s a brief introduction to the history of women in space. Tonight at 9pm on BBC4, there’s a program called Beautiful minds on Professor Jocelyn Bell, who discovered pulsars and there’s also a snippet to be broadcast on PBS in the USA on Caroline Herschel, another woman with some significant contribution to astronomy, which is shown below:

Astronomy Now are continuing their series on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with an article on the founding of Project Ozma and how it led to SETI itself being established.


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