Discovery arrives at the station

The space shuttle Discovery has arrived at the International Space Station on mission STS-131. The shuttle performed the standard backflip so the station could record with its high definition cameras, the surfaces that may have been damaged during launch and transmit the data back to the ground for an initial checkup. If anything of possible concern is found, then there’s a day scheduled where a close up examination of problem areas can be made:

Then the shuttle headed in to dock (ISS astronaut Soichi took an image of the approaching shuttle). This, as with all major points of the shuttle mission, was broadcast on NASA TV and archived on their youtube channel:

Then the seven crew of the shuttle joined the six of the space station with the traditional bell ring:

Events in the mission will be tweeted by NASA. If you want to know if the station will be visible in your skies, then put your location into Heavens Above for potential viewing times. If it’s not there, then check again in a week or so’s time as the orbit drifts. You’ll be there eventually.


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