Even more on politics and science

I have so many of these posts, I’ve probably repeated the title once or twice… A few snippets of news for those interested in science policy.

Over in America, the astronaut Scott Parazynski was asked about his views on continuing manned space exploration. The resulting policy document made the press with his name attached to it. Slight problem was that he didn’t agree with the policy and (having had his name prized off the document) has made his actual views clear on his blog. A cautionary tale on how policymakers can sometimes try to add a bit of endorsement where only consultation has really happened.

If you want to know what sort of science briefings politicians in the UK get, then here’s a “postnote” from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. The civil servants in this place are ordered to condense information in a given area onto a few pages of minister-friendly paper. This one is a pdf of four pages on Space Debris. Useful for the minister about town with a new space agency to show off… Also useful for members of the public to become as conversant with the present science of a given subject as a minister hopes to be.

Finally, scientists hoping to improve the prospects of science policy were out in force for the Times Eureka Live Science Question Time event. For more on the panel (which included Professor Brian Cox) and a live blog of the event as it unfolded, click here.


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