Death plunge comet putting on a show

The SoHO Sun watching satellite often sends back images that include comets intruding on its field of view. Some of them vanish into the disc of the Sun never to be seen again. One is doing so now. If you’re reading this in time, then click here to see the view from the LASCO C2 camera in real time. This is the Sun viewed through a filter. The big black thing is something to block out the Sun’s bright light and the white circle indicates where the Sun is and its size. The things flaring out at the sides are parts of the solar corona, normally visible only during solar eclipses and the comet is the comet shaped thing heading for death.

If you’re clicking on this a little too late, then Discovery’s (channel not shuttle) Ian O’Neill captured an image and posted it here.

Half real, half toast indeed.


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