Second spacewalk for STS-131 astronauts

The second of three Extra Vehicular Activities (EVA) of the space shuttle Discoveries mission STS-131 to the International Space Station has taken place. The spacewalk, the 142nd in support of building the ISS, lasted for seven hours and twenty-six minutes. Rick Mastracchio and Clay Anderson worked to remove an old ammonia tank (then whisked away by the robotic arm Canadarm 2) and installed a new rack of tanks. The tanks provide the heat sink for the station, keeping it cool enough for the people inside. Some parts of the tasks were almost started in spacewalk #1, but it was realised the spacesuits weren’t sufficiently electrically insulated to do them. The spacewalk was broadcast on NASA TV and later posted to their youtube channel:

If you want to see the ISS flying overhead, then check Heavens Above to see if it will be doing so over your location in the next ten days or so. At the moment, it is a morning object round here and will be transiting the Moon (as seen from somewhere a bit further south) at 05:43 on the 13th of April. Keep up to date with events on the shuttle through NASA’s Twitter Account.


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