More #SciVote stuff

…or stuff of relevance to the #SciVote campaign, which lobbies for improvements in science policy.

David Cameron has responded to #SciVote’s letter to the leaders. But they haven’t put it up on the blog yet (they’re waiting for the others, I guess).

In the Times, there’s two interesting blog posts, one summing up the events in Science Question Time and how to help spread the seed of Science in the UK and there’s one on the problems facing science teachers.

From the comments in the first of those, I noted a blog and a wiki that perform a function I suggested in a blog post here would be a good idea for someone to do not so long ago (they were already doing it, I didn’t know), which is to question every single candidate for the election on science issues.

Now I just need to find someone whose producing leaflets based on those answers…


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