Another successful EAS public night

In honour of Global Astronomy Month, the Eddington Astronomy Society made its monthly meeting a public one at Kendal Museum on Monday evening.

The evening began as our meetings usually do, with Stuart Atkinson giving his round-up of news and events in space. Then there was the lure of tea and biscuits followed by a talk he gives designed to introduce beginners to the hobby of astronomy and giving advice on how to proceed. Things were then wrapped up with a question and answer session.

We saw 50-60 people (I counted in the low fifties just before the teabreak) including more than half a dozen children. A few dozen is not unusual for an EAS meeting, but this time we were pulling chairs out of storage for people to sit on.

On display at the back was the second EAS telescope for members to borrow. A TAL-1 telescope on a pedestal with an equatorial head. This compliments the society Dobsonian and they are both available for members to borrow and use.

Also on display as I walked out of Kendal museum was the rather unusual sight of a nice clear night, from which the pictures on this page came from. This included views of Mercury and Venus as I crossed the bridge at around 9:30pm.

Our next scheduled event is on the 21st and will be a public observing session at Abbot Hall. Space Explorers, the young space enthusiasts meeting, will next take place on the afternoon of the 24th (2:30-4pm) at Kendal Museum, details here.


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