Daily Archives: 18/04/2010

Discovery to come to Earth tomorrow

The space shuttle Discovery has completed all tasks required for mission STS-131. A complete once over of the shuttle’s heat shield cleared it for landing and the vehicle said goodbye to the International Space Station by flying around it to capture the ISS from all angles. Discovery then departed to prepare for the landing at the Kennedy Space Center at 8:48 EDT (13:48 BST). The shuttle will be taking a path from the north-east, allowing it to be seen by many a populated area, the first time this has been done since the Columbia disaster. Videos of the end of mission tasks have been placed on NASA’s youtube channel and are shown below:


Comet under observation

The faint comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann, which is known to undergo outbursts, has been the recent target of the Herschel Infrared Space Telescope. Images of the comet can be seen here.

More astronomy in Second Life

There’s a new location in the Second Life online computer simulation. This time, the location looks at astronomy in H-alpha, a particular wavelength of light often used in solar astronomy.

The location is here.

In the Shadow of the Moon online

The documentary In the Shadow of the Moon is online in full at the Channel 4 On Demand channel of youtube at the moment. It is shown below:

ISS symposium cancelled

A symposium to review and look forward to science, technology and public awareness benefits from the International Space Station has been brought back down to Earth by the continuing disruption to European airspace wrought by volcanic ash.

The meeting was to take place on the 19th-21st of April in Berlin, but has been cancelled until further notice.